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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at FINN

At FINN, we place great value in embracing the unique qualities and individuality of each of our team members. We recognize the importance of having a diverse group of employees with varied experiences, backgrounds, knowledge, and perspectives, spanning across all levels.

In all we do, we want to embrace everyone to be their best self and foster a respectful interaction. Our goal is not to merely fulfill a checkbox or meet a quota, but to ensure that every member of our team feels a sense of belonging and purpose within FINN. It allows us to leverage a wide range of viewpoints and in turn, enables us to provide our customers across the world with a product that is meeting their needs.

We will build a firm that is representative of a full range of diversity at every level by ensuring bias-free recruitment, fair and transparent performance management, inclusive sponsorship and diverse succession plan. Therefore, we are continuously seeking ways to promote diversity, equity and Inclusion within our organization. However, we know that this is not a simple task to do and acknowledge that we still have a long journey ahead.

Our Commitment to Applicants

Qualification to Hire

Qualification to Hire

We make sure that you will be interviewed by someone, who has been undergoing our internal interviewer training to learn about inclusive hiring.

This way, every interviewer at FINN commits themselves to screen applications and conduct interviews in a structured framework, provided by our experts of the People team. In order to break up routines that might be prone to bias, interviewers are obilged to refresh these trainings on a regular basis.

Unconscious Bias Workshops

Unconscious Bias Workshops

Next to our interviewer training, everyone involved in hiring and leadership needs to engage in unconscious bias workshops.

These workshops teach our teams about strategies on how to suspect, categorize and mitigate biases in day-to-day business. This way we enable conscious decision-making, especially in hiring, to ensure equal opportunities for everyone.

360° Assessment

360° Assessment

We commit to a 360° assessment to provide a holistic view of candidates, considering different perspectives and data from various sources. Therefore, we are leveraging our Applicant Tracking System and Cognitive Ability Tests, as well as biographical data and structured Interviews.

We are aware that applying at FINN is not yet completely barrier-free. If you find the application process inaccessible or inequitable for you, please contact David (DE&I lead) and we will find an alternative route.

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Equal Opportunities for Everyone

Equal Opportunities for Everyone

FINN is an equal opportunity employer. We embrace and celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive and safe environment for all employees.

Experience comes in many forms and we're dedicated to adding new perspectives to the team. We encourage you to apply even if your experience doesn't perfectly align with what we have listed. We'd love to hear from you!

Our Commitment to Employees

Leadership Principles

Our leadership team commits to the following principles to enable inclusive leadership across all teams at FINN.
• Build and advance a AAA team
• Trust, empower & give credit
• Foster diversity
• Lead with clarity & care

Performance Reviews & Equal Pay

In order to counteract unfair treatment and leave no space for unconscious bias in career progression, we developed a standardized performance review and promotion process, as well as designated salary bands for each career level and position. With a clearly defined skill set for each role at FINN, as well as individual development plans, we strive to limit subjectivity to a minimum.

Mental Health Support

Everyone has their own challenge to overcome. This is why we want to make mental health support easily accessible for anyone seeking guidance. By partnering up with services, we facilitate the way to custom counseling sessions with experts, whether related to work or personal life.

Time for Caretaking

We know there is more to life than work, so we want to enable our employees to spend time with their beloved ones. In doing so we leave it up to them to decide on their working mode. A lot of our positions are open for remote of hybrid work, as well as part-time opportunities. Also, it’s up to employees how they want to distribute  working hours across the day, in order to show up when needed.

Creating a Community

Our employees enjoy the variety of company-wide team events and onsite weeks, where they get to know each other in a non-work related setting. From conquering mountains together, to connecting through home-cooked dishes from all over the world, we invest in team-bonding and making memories where everyone shares a sense of belonging.

Keeping Track

We understand that many stakeholders are interested in knowing more about our efforts in this area. While we closely monitor data on diversity, equality and inclusion internally, we do not disclose all of it publicly to protect the privacy of our employees. However, we would still like to provide some insights by sharing some numbers in aggregated form below.

Womxn in a Male Dominated Industry

Slightly more than one third of our FINN employees identify as female. Even though this is already above standard in the automotive industry, we are constantly striving to increase gender diversity in our teams. With the help of our various initiatives, we are trying to become a welcoming and more comfortable place to work for all the women that want to join us.

We are committed to breaking the bias, advancing equality for women and dispelling harmful stereotypes surrounding them in celebration of International Women’s Day and beyond.

Join the Movement

Join the Movement

Join the Movement

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