Leasing a Ford Edge vs Subscribing to a Chevy Blazer

The Ford Edge has an efficient layout with two rows of seats, comfortably seating 5 passengers. It also has ample legroom and provides a comfortable driving experience with all-wheel drive. Exact vehicle features can differ contingent on customer choice when leasing the vehicle.


Chevrolet Blazer

Ford Edge

Gas Mileage

24 MPG

23 MPG


2.0L Turbo 4 Cylinder (228 hp)

Twin Scroll 2.0L EcoBoost
(250 hp)

EPA Class

midsize SUV

midsize SUV

Trim Level




All Wheel Drive

All Wheel Drive




Body Style

Sport Utility

Sport Utility




Rating on Google


Monthly price from


Out of stock

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Here is why you should subscribe to your next car

Are you looking to lease a Ford Edge? Well look no more because we have a better solution for you – A FINN car subscription! FINN offers you vehicles at a fixed monthly price, and you decide how long your subscription runs. The best part: There are no hidden costs. You only have to fill up or charge your vehicle yourself. Yes, FINN also offers EVs. This is how new and sustainable mobility works. Welcome to FINN!

For all of Life's mobility needs, FINN offers a quick and convenient solution through a car subscription. Your flexibility is our priority! Once you select your desired model, you determine the subscription’s duration and number of included miles per month. The best part is that there are no unexpected costs. Once our delivery driver hands over the car, its all ready to drive!  

Ford Edge vs Chevy Blazer – Why the Chevrolet Blazer could be the better fit

We are out of stock of the Ford Edge. But, great news, we have the perfect midsize SUV alternative! For drivers looking for a fun SUV with a sophisticated design, the 2022 Chevy Blazer stands out with great handling and a sportier look. 

The Chevrolet Blazer car subscription 2022

The Chevy Blazer is perfect for trips with multiple passengers or short everyday drives. The Blazer combines practicality and style in one and impresses with a well-equipped interior. Choose the model you want through our FINN page and we will deliver it right to your doorstep! 

The 2022 Chevy Blazer

Found a great deal on a lease? You should try a Chevy Blazer FINN car subscription!

When you lease a car you are locked in a contract for multiple years. With a FINN car subscription however, you can choose terms of either 6 or 12 months.

Leasing can be an option if you want to drive the same car for many years and are willing to bear the additional costs. A car subscription is ideal if you value flexibility and don't want to burden yourself with the obligations and formalities around traditional car ownership. With a car subscription your costs are fixed and you only use the car for as long as you like to. 

Why the Chevy Blazer is perfect for your everyday life?

Thanks to our efficient delivery times, you'll have your FINN car within a few days. Once your FINN car is at your doorstep, all you have to do is get in and drive. Your monthly rate already includes most costs – the first full tank of gas is on us but after that you have to refuel the car yourself. 

Advantages of your Chevy Blazer all-inclusive, carefree package

FINN's all-inclusive, carefree package already includes insurance, registration, general inspection and more. If your car is equipped with summer or winter tires, FINN will also change them for free. We will schedule the appointments for you at a nearby auto repair shop. As you can see, FINN is serious about it's promise: There are no hidden costs! With FINN, you don't have to worry about any of the high fees associated with traditional leasing agreements.

Everything included but fuel. We promise!

FINN offers an end-to-end package at a fixed price with everything included. The best part is there are no hidden costs.
Here you can compare car subscriptions at FINN with leasing and purchasing.

Vehicle tax
Maintenance and wear and tear
General inspection
Protection against depreciation

How it works

Order Your Car

Order Your Car

Choose from our ever-growing selection of brands and models. Then select your contract/subscription term length and confirm your order. We have all the information you need to find the car perfect for your lifestyle.

Get Approved

Get Approved

Create your personal FINN account, verify your driver’s license, and agree to a credit check (no impact to your score). We require drivers to be at least 25 years old, have had a valid license for at least two years (from date of issue), and possess a minimum credit score of 640.

Schedule your delivery

Schedule your delivery

Once you’ve been approved, we’ll deliver the car to you at your convenience. Currently, our delivery radius covers Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.. For exact locations, please refer to our FAQs.



Enjoy your new car and drive carefree! When the time comes to renew your subscription you can either do so through our convenient app or online though our customer portal.

The most frequently asked questions and answers

A car subscription from FINN allows you to get in and drive off. With this purpose in mind, we created a product that streamlines the effort and gives you more flexibility. We deliver our cars with a full tank of fuel and after that everything is included except for subsequent refueling. We want you to arrive wherever you may be going as relaxed as possible.

If you value flexibility and cost transparency, then the Chevy Blazer car subscription is the right choice for you. With a subscription, you have less expenses to worry about and can enjoy the pure pleasures of driving. Leasing comes with uncertainty as you are on the hook for any repairs and maintenance and when returning the vehicle you may incur even more additional costs. But not with a FINN car subscription! We clearly define what we mean by acceptable wear and tear, and normal wear due to usage, such as minor scratches on door handles or in the interior, are included.

With a car subscription, everything is included!. No hidden costs, no long terms: With a car subscription, mobility is focused on the essentials. We want you reaching your destination comfortably and enjoying the journey as you drive. Let us handle the rest. What you won't find here is the inflexibility and lack of transparency that are typical of other mobility offers.

At FINN, you can subscribe to a Chevy Blazer for as little as $549 per month for twelve months. Get our car of the month now — conveniently delivered directly to your door!

You can sign up for your Chevy Blazer subscription easily and without paperwork, all online. You select your desired model and the appropriate term from our large selection. We  then deliver your Chevy Blazer directly to your doorstep on your desired delivery date. After that, it's just a matter of grabbing the keys and driving off!

When your subscription expires, you return your Blazer and can choose between a few different options. You can take out a new car subscription for a Chevy Blazer or another model – or not, if you no longer need a car. A car subscription is as flexible as your circumstances and preferences require.