The Best Rental Car Alternative

  • Insurance and maintenance included

  • No down payment with approval in minutes

  • More flexible than a car rental, with a new car every 6-12 months

  • 20,000+ happy drivers

  • 4.5 stars on Trustpilot

Rent a car with FINN
Rent a car with FINN

Meet the best car rental alternative - Meet FINN

There are a few reasons why a traditional car rental might not be the perfect fit for your needs. You might need a car for longer than a couple of days but less than a few years. What do you do? This is where FINN steps in and becomes your choice #1. Here's a modest list of what makes us special:

  • Flexible terms: FINN lets you drive a car for longer than a traditional rental agreement but shorter than the inflexible multi-year commitments. You get the perfect middle term of 6 to 12 months.
  • The choice is yours: Unlike with some traditional rental providers, at FINN you have full control over the model and configuration choice. You are also free to choose a mileage package and the delivery date that fits you best.
  • Better pricing: By getting a car for a few months rather than a short few days, you benefit from the discounts that come with the mid-term commitment. Buckled up for a road trip? Have the freedom to extend it and be in charge of your journey, for less!
  • An all-inclusive package: Our services don't stop with the handover of the car. We take care of maintenance, insurance, and 24/7 roadside assistance. With us, you can be relieved to have a hassle-free drive.

With the car rental alternative FINN provides, you gain the ultimate freedom and control. What's left is to get in and enjoy the ride!

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Advantages of FINN compared to car rental

All-in coverage

Insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance are included in a single monthly fee.

100% transparency

You pay a fixed monthly fee and nothing else. There are no deposits or hidden fees.

Incredibly simple

Get your subscription in just 5 minutes and leave the paperwork in the dust.

Delivery to your home

FINN delivers your new car right to your door so you can focus on the road ahead.

Car rental vs FINN - what is the difference?

Car Rental
FINN Car Subscription
Typically up to 3 months
Starting from 6 months
Upfront payment
Usually a refundable deposit

Digital document verification

Included insurance

Doorstep delivery

24/7 Roadside assistance

Maintenance and wear and tear

FAQs on car rental

A car rental is attractive if you only need a vehicle for a short period of days or weeks. When renting a car, there is certainly a risk that you will not be given the model you requested and that you will be confronted with additional costs at the end of the term.

A car subscription on the other hand offers you the flexibility of the vehicle of your choice and for the duration you need. And the best part: there aren’t any deposits or hidden fees.

The cost varies depending on the company and on the duration of the rental. Car rental companies tend to focus on a cheap daily rate, but can be more expensive when you add in all the extra expenses such as insurance, roadside services, or adding an additional driver.

When you consider all of the factors that go into renting a vehicle, your monthly subscription price with FINN covers it all - one monthly payment and one partner for all of your vehicle needs.

Car rentals and car subscriptions differ on a few parameters:

  1. Duration: Rentals tend to be shorter in length ranging from a few days to a few weeks. Subscriptions on the other hand offer longer terms. At FINN, you can subscribe to a car for 6 or 12 months.

  2. Flexibility: Some rental companies don't give you the flexibility to choose the precise model or configuration you want. At FINN, you have full control over the choice of a model.

  3. Payment Structure: Car rental fees are usually charged on a daily or weekly basis, whilst you pay monthly for your subscription at FINN.

  4. Insurance and Maintenance: Car rental companies may offer insurance options, but it's common for renters to have their own insurance coverage. At FINN, we provide you with insurance that is included in your monthly payment.

Overall, whilst rentals are a good choice for a short period of time, you have many more benefits by subscribing to a car with FINN if you're looking to drive a car for longer than a few weeks.

  1. Select the car that best matches your needs and choose the term and mileage package.

  2. Submit your information and get the green light in under five minutes.

  3. Enjoy doorstep delivery to your home.

  4. Hit the road and swap your car when you’re done - or simply walk away.

Our booking process does not allow you to reserve a car and is made on a first-come, first-served basis.

At FINN, we take care of the car rental delivery to your door. The vehicles arrive in ready-to-drive condition so that you can hit the road as soon as we hand over the keys.

In addition to your vehicle itself as well as any accompanying physical or digital components needed to operate your vehicle, we make sure to also include copies of important documents, such as your vehicle's insurance, so that you can immediately get driving safely and without worry.

Insurance for a Rental Car: Everything You Need To Know

Comprehensive insurance is important for your safety and peace of mind. Some rental providers do not include insurance in the offering, unlike FINN. Here are some elements you should consider when choosing your provider:

  1. Liability Insurance: covers injuries or damages you might cause to others.
  2. Comprehensive Insurance: protects from non-collision incidents like theft or natural disasters.
  3. Collision Insurance: covers damages from collisions.
  4. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Medical Payments Coverage: covers medical expenses for you and your passengers.

Worried you might not get the best deal on your car rental insurance? Worry no longer. With FINN, you get the insurance included in your monthly payment. We already took care of it so you don't have to! Check the details here.

The cost of a rental car depends on a few factors. Here's a brief list of things you should keep in mind when renting a car on a budget:

  1. Model: different models offer different comfort and performance levels. If you need a car for a shorter period of time, you might benefit from compromising on some of these. Check out our fleet offers here or specifically Chevy Traverse rentals.

  2. Seasonal deals: there are offers and promotions all year round! Check out FINN offers here.

  3. Miles: there are different reasons to get a rental car and sometimes you don't need a large mileage package for your needs. At FINN, we offer you 850 miles for free every month!

With these tips, you should be well ahead of the best rental deals game. If you are still unsure about pricing, feel free to give us a call at (888) 296-3688 and we'll give you a hand!