Can You Tow a Trailer With a Rental Car?

If you’re planning a move, taking a road trip with a large amount of equipment, or simply need to transport some bulky items–a rental truck could be your best choice. Learn all about towing with a rental car: requirements, costs, safety tips, and more.

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Since it’s not always easy to find a rental car company that lets you tow a trailer, going through the car rental process can be confusing. Rental policies vary greatly from one company to another, so continue reading to explore rental car companies that allow you to tow a trailer and what requirements you should expect from them.

If you don’t want to get lost in the contract details when renting a vehicle, you should consider a car subscription from FINN. You can choose from a variety of vehicles—some even have hitches for towing. Car subscription terms can be as short as six months or up to 12 months, and once you’re ready to switch cars or trucks, you can do so easily online. Plus, your monthly payment covers registration, insurance, and roadside assistance. 

Can you tow a trailer with a rental car?

Whether you can tow a trailer with a rental car depends on the policy of the rental company. A closer look at popular rental car companies like Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National explicitly state that they do not allow a hitch or towing of any kind with the rental vehicle. The same goes for SIXT, where you cannot use their rentals to tow any vehicle, trailer, or object. 

However, there are exceptions. While you’re not allowed to use a regular rental from those companies for your towing needs, specific types of vehicles, such as pickup trucks, may allow it. For example, Enterprise has a separate service called Enterprise Truck Rental that offers you cars that are capable of towing. The maximum allowed conventional towing is 10,000 pounds for their Ford F250 and F350. 

A truck from FINN, like the Ram 1500 or the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, lets you tow up to 11,220 pounds without any additional fees or requirements. 

As most car rental companies prohibit towing with any of their rentals, there are exceptions, especially for larger vehicles like trucks. You should always check with the rental company you’re choosing to go with before towing a trailer with a rental car. 

What are the requirements for towing with a rental car?

Before you can tow a trailer with a rental car, you should think about the following factors:

  1. Car rental policy: Don’t forget to check the specific policy for each car rental company regarding any type of towing. As mentioned earlier, some companies may not allow towing at all, while others offer separate truck services for this occasion. 
  2. Type of car: Your choice of vehicle can determine the possibility of towing. Most regular rentals do not permit towing simply because they’re not made for it. So, you should always go for a pickup truck with a higher towing capacity
  3. Hitch options: Pick the options that the rental company provides you with. Thus, the hitch will always match your trailer’s requirements.
  4. Return conditions: Make sure that you know all about the return conditions for your rental. Most companies require the removal of any attached tow equipment, and just like a regular rental, the car needs to be in the same state as when it was initially rented. 
  5. Insurance coverage: Before towing a trailer, check with your insurance coverage if there are any additional coverage options.
  6. Driving safety: Towing a trailer requires a certain level of experience. There might be some items you can tow yourself but be prepared for longer stopping distances, wider turns, and the effects of wind and passing vehicles. Consider hiring a professional driver if you feel unsure about your level of experience or if you have to tow heavy-duty items. 
  7. Know about your towing needs: Before choosing a car, it certainly matters what you want to tow. That factor plays into the bed size of the truck you might need. Think about it - a smaller truck bed will result in multiple trips that will lead to spending more money and time on your end. But if you pick a truck with a bed that’s too long, it can be more difficult for you to drive and transport your items. 
  8. Required equipment: Most likely, you will need towing equipment such as a tow dolly, receiver hitch, and some safety chains. Some car rentals offer these items in their towing package but you should always double-check with the rental companies, just to make sure you don’t end up without the towing equipment. 
  9. Fuel options: Consider the pros and cons of gas versus diesel engines for long-distance towing. Compared to gas engines, diesel engines are often more fuel-efficient and require less maintenance.

Which rental car companies allow towing?

Some rental car companies allow their rentals to tow trailers, but they each have specific models available for your towing purposes and may come with restrictions or terms. 


Choosing a car subscription from FINN opens the door to convenience. From insurance, maintenance, doorstep delivery, and roadside help, everything you need is included in one easy monthly payment. Plus, a car subscription offers you the flexibility to drive a new car every six to 12 months, and you can tow a trailer with one of the available trucks from FINN. 


If you’re looking for another popular choice for your towing needs, then U-Haul can be a good choice for you. They offer you a variety of rentals that are capable of towing, including pickup trucks. But keep in mind that their exact models and towing restrictions depend on the location and availability you want to rent it from. 

Budget Truck Rental 

Budget Truck Rental also allows towing, since their fleet includes truck models that can handle different weights and sizes of trailers. You should contact them directly or check out their website when it comes to specific models and towing restrictions. 

Penske Truck Rental

With over 2,500 rental locations across North America, Penske Truck Rental is known for its range of truck rentals. Penske even offers the convenience of renting a Penske 12-foot truck from your local Home Depot. Like FINN, Penske also offers 24/7 roadside assistance to get you back on the road at any time. 

Enterprise Truck Rental 

With Enterprise Truck Rental, you’re allowed to tow a trailer with selected pickup trucks. Whether you're planning a move or need a vehicle for commercial operations, they can offer you a range of pickup trucks, cargo vans, and straight trucks. You can rent them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Founded in 1918, Hertz is a global leader in the car rental industry that gets you SUVs and minivans that are fully equipped and suitable for your towing needs. As with the other car rental companies, you should keep in mind that the availability of specific Hertz models and any restrictions will depend on factors such as your rental location and dates. 

Rental cars with tow hitch

The demand for rental cars with tow hitches is high, especially if you need to move large items or want to go on an outdoor adventure. A car subscription from FINN not only offers you flexibility at an affordable monthly rate, but you also get vehicles that are equipped with tow hitches. The following cars are perfect for everyone seeking flexibility and convenience in their transportation and towing needs. 

  • Chevrolet Traverse: This mid-size SUV is not only spacious but also has a robust towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds. The Chevy Traverse LT Cloth is the ideal choice for family vacations or moving bulky items. 
  • Ram 1500: This full-size pickup truck is known for its durability and strength. The Ram 1500 Laramie proves that it is just as capable as it is show-stopping, offering 11,220 pound towing capacity, an Electronic Shift-On-Demand transfer case, and a Remote Start system.
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500: Another reliable pickup truck is the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. With FINN, you can get this Chevy with its 5.3-liter V8 engine that can tow up to 11,000 pounds and that can manage a payload of 2,080 pounds. 
  • Audi Q5 S line: If you're looking for a blend of luxury and functionality, the Audi Q5 S line is a compact crossover SUV that offers you a stylish design, comfortable ride, and decent towing ability with up to 4,400 pounds.

Should you tow a rental car?

Towing with a rental car can be a good solution, but you should weigh the pros and cons before deciding. Consider the following factors for your decision-making:

Pros of towing with a rental car:

  • Convenience: If you need to move or transport large items, then renting a vehicle equipped with a tow hitch can become incredibly convenient. This will save you the hassle of making multiple trips or arranging alternate transportation. 
  • Versatility: From SUVs to pickup trucks, a lot of rental companies offer you a wide range or cars for all of your towing needs. This will give you the necessary flexibility to choose the right rental car for your specific needs. 
  • Cost-efficient: In some cases, you can save more money by renting a car suitable for towing, rather than hiring a moving company or purchasing a trailer. 
  • Less wear and tear on personal cars: If your own car is not made for heavy towing, then it could be prone to significant wear and tear when towing heavy items. For that reason, renting a truck or SUV for towing can help you avoid these issues.

Cons of towing with a rental car: 

  • Rental policies: As mentioned earlier, not all rental companies allow you to tow with their vehicles. Even if they do, there are restrictions and requirements to it, such as the weight you can tow. If you’re violating these policies, you can end up with hefty fees or voided insurance coverage. 
  • Additional costs: Towing will ultimately increase your fuel consumption, which can quickly add to your expenses. Consider additional rental fees for vehicles equipped with tow hitches and necessary equipment such as tow dolly or safety chains.
  • Insurance coverage: A standard rental insurance might not cover damages caused by towing. You should check with the rental company and your personal car insurance provider to get the full picture of your coverage. 
  • Driving skills: Towing is difficult and requires some more experienced driving skills compared to regular driving. If you’re not experienced enough in towing, this could lead to serious accidents or damage to the vehicle.

Tips for towing a trailer

Towing is more than just hooking up a trailer to your vehicle and hitting the road. It requires careful preparation, concentration, and a deep understanding of how towing will affect your driving. Take a closer look at the following tips that can make your towing safer and easier:

Before towing

  • Hitch up your trailer correctly: You should make sure that you’ve followed the right procedure for hooking up your trailer. Always double-check your connections, including the coupler and wiring, and be sure to secure all your connections for safety chains. This will help prevent accidents caused by a trailer detaching during transit. 
  • Even weight distribution: If you want to prevent your trailer from swaying, which basically means that the trailer swings back and forth behind you as you drive, you should keep 60% of the cargo weight at the front of your trailer box and never overload the tow vehicle.

While towing 

  • Allow plenty of stopping distance: When you have a trailer hitched to your car, it will take you longer to stop. Keep more distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to prevent sudden braking, maneuvering, and accelerating. 
  • Take preventive action: In addition to the extra space in front of you, be aware of the road conditions and observe the speed limits. Anticipate stops by braking sooner than usual and gradually stop whenever possible. 
  • Watch out for trailer sway: If you need to tow a heavier load, drive slowly and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel. This will also help you in minimizing the risk of sway when larger vehicles are passing by. Other risk factors for trailer sway are crosswinds, high speeds, and downhill grades.
  • Be extra careful changing lanes: With a trailer, keep in mind that your blind spots will increase, making it more difficult to accelerate quickly. Make sure that you always have enough space and move slowly from one lane to the other. Quick tip: A towing mirror can help you increase your view again.

Parking and maneuvering

Ensure you have enough turnaround space: Pick a parking spot that has enough space for you to back out without any difficult maneuvers. If possible, choose a parking spot farther away where there’s more room for you to maneuver. 

Final thoughts

Whether you can tow a trailer with car rental companies depends on their specific policies. While most regular rentals don’t allow it, some rental companies offer trucks and SUVs equipped for towing. Make sure that you check their rental requirements before planning to tow a trailer. 

If you’re looking for a rental car alternative, FINN will be the perfect choice for you. A car subscription from FINN offers you premium service and flexible terms at one affordable monthly payment. Plus, the car subscription gets you access to the perfect pickup trucks for towing, such as a Ram 1500 or a Chevy Silverado 1500. 

Can I Tow a Trailer With a Rental Car
Can I Tow a Trailer With a Rental Car

Final thoughts

Whether you can tow a trailer with car rental companies depends on their specific policies. While most regular rentals don’t allow it, some rental companies offer trucks and SUVs equipped for towing. Make sure that you check their rental requirements before planning to tow a trailer. 

If you’re looking for a rental car alternative, FINN will be the perfect choice for you. A car subscription from FINN offers you premium service and flexible terms at one affordable monthly payment. Plus, the car subscription gets you access to the perfect pickup trucks for towing, such as a Ram 1500 or a Chevy Silverado 1500. 

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