The most frequently asked questions about the FINN Chevrolet Blazer car subscription

FINN makes your driving experience better, enabling you to get the best vehicle deals, maintenance services, and many other services that make you proud of your car. With FINN, driving is as simple as online shopping. Our services are fully digitized, which makes it easier for you to access them in the comfort of your home. We provide a flexible, immediately available automobile subscription for your preferred brands that includes everything except refueling. FINN saves you from workshop visits so that you can use your time for other important engagements.
Subscribing to FINN is a simple process that involves four steps namely discover, order, receive and drive. In the discovery step, you find your dream car within a wide range of models available in our inventory. The next step involves placing an order, which includes booking your car subscription in a process that takes less than 5 minutes. We will then assess your order and get back to you in a short time.
Once your order is successful, we will deliver the car directly to your doorstep free of charge. Once you receive the car, make your inspection to make sure that it is in the condition that you wanted. Once it meets your expectations, get into the car and enjoy the ride. We will take care of everything else except fueling.
In line with the terms and conditions of the Platform and the Car Lessor, the term "Car Rental Service" refers to the car reservation and rental service without a driver for Users, subject to vehicle availability and the user's signature on the appropriate Individual Rental Agreement. Leasing a car involves renting a car at an agreed fixed fee for a given amount of time. A car subscription on the other hand gives a client a vehicle in exchange for a monthly fee. The subscription includes registration, liability insurance, maintenance, and full-time road assistance. As opposed to renting and leasing, car subscription services are designed to last as long as you need them, meaning that you can cancel the subscription anytime in case you no longer need the car.
Chevrolet Blazer gives you a host of advantages that will make your subscription worthwhile. First, it gives you a refined ride quality because of its comfortable seats combined with a fully independent suspension system that ensures that you enjoy your rides despite the road conditions. Second, you get plenty of cargo space, the Blazer's back storage area remains 30.5 cubic feet, even when it's full of passengers. You can use the car on family trips comfortably without worrying about cargo space. Third, the car has excellent pulling power and a tow hook, meaning that you can use it to pull a caravan. Fourth, the car has a modern and easy-to-use infotainment system that makes your ride interesting as you get entertained on the go.