Used Cars for Sale

Are you a dealership looking for used vehicles for your customers? Get your young used vehicles from the leading car subscription provider in Germany. Simple, fast and with the best terms.

The FINN Portal for used cars

Vehicles with a low mileage

Vehicles with a low mileage

Buy vehicles generally driven for 12 months and an average of 17,000 kilometers.

Straight from FINN, no third-party providers

Straight from FINN, no third-party providers

All vehicles are directly owned by FINN. We offer sales and service directly.

Full transparency & access to expert reports

Full transparency & access to expert reports

We guarantee an upfront and transparent description of the condition of all our vehicles.

Wide selection of brands and models

Wide selection of brands and models

Easily find the perfect vehicles for your customers in our portal.

About FINN Auto & FINN.Partners

FINN.Partners is the partner portal of FINN Auto, providing dealers with exclusive access to our young used vehicles at attractive prices. We are independent of manufacturers and offer used cars from various brands with individual equipment and mileage.

After receiving an exclusive invitation to our portal, you will have access to the currently offered vehicles. To search more specifically, you can filter according to your preferences (e.g., brand, model, mileage) – the portal will then display offers that match your criteria and are currently available. You can also sort the selection tailored to you in the top row.

After registering on FINN Partners, you can view the offered vehicles in the list view. To purchase a vehicle, click on "Details" next to the vehicle and then on "Place Your Bid Now!". Each vehicle is listed with a price – you can accept this price by clicking "Buy Now" or make a price proposal. This proposal will be reviewed by us and either accepted or countered with a new offer.

Yes, you can select the vehicles you are interested in through the multiple selection feature and then submit bids for your selection by clicking the "Submit Bids" button. Simply click on the prices of the individual vehicles in the multiple selection and adjust them accordingly.

About the Vehicles

We distinguish between three sales types for our young used cars:

1. Immediately available Stock Cars: Rental vehicles that have already been returned by our subscribers. These vehicles are immediately available for pick-up on our compound with inspection reports. These vehicles are marked with a green dot.

2. Returned Stock Cars: Rental vehicles that have been returned but not yet fully inspected. You can already purchase these vehicles, with the purchase price being adjusted for any damage after the inspection. These vehicles are marked with a yellow dot.

3. Pre-Sales: Pre-sales of existing vehicles that are still in or about to enter the rental period. These vehicles are generally available within 1-12 months. We are also open to discussing pre-sales for future orders with OEMs (mostly freely configurable for you). Our goal is to complete pre-sales for 100% of our fleet at the time of purchase for future new vehicle orders. These vehicles are marked with a blue dot.

Our vehicle inventory consists of young used cars from former rental vehicles of the FINN fleet. This allows us to bypass expensive intermediaries and offer you the best price. All our vehicles have been driven by our private and business customers on a subscription basis.

The average mileage of our vehicles is around 17,000 km. Our subscription customers rent our vehicles for an average of 12 months, so exact mileage cannot be guaranteed due to possible over- or under-mileage.

In the individual vehicle listing, you will find the "Details" button to the left of the vehicle image. By clicking on this, you will find information about the listed vehicle (e.g., location, condition, configuration PDF, and appraisal PDF).

The vehicle inventory on the platform is updated every Thursday with new vehicles. If you don't find your desired vehicle, it is worth checking the platform every Thursday. New vehicles are also marked as such in the "New?" column.

Every Tuesday is Deal Tuesday. On Deal Tuesday, selected vehicles are discounted. These discounts are indicated by the strikethrough prices. These vehicles can also be purchased through the “Buy Now” option or with your own offer.

About the Contract

For each order, we conclude an individual contract covering the respective volume.

The payment term is 3 days after the purchase of the vehicle. Once the purchase is agreed upon and all transport details are arranged, an invoice will be sent to you. Once the invoice is paid, the vehicle will be delivered or made available for pick-up as agreed.

The contractually agreed mileage refers to the odometer reading of the respective vehicle at the time it enters the compound with the seller. An additional tolerance of 10 km is agreed upon to allow for compound activities. Any deviations will be adjusted according to a net list price over- or under-mileage table.

For every 30 calendar days of lease term overrun, the agreed purchase price is reduced by 0.5% of the list price used to calculate the purchase price. The adjustment is made on a daily basis based on the 30-day period. A lease term overrun (i.e., exceeding the agreed term for the respective vehicle plus the grace period) of more than 180 calendar days entitles the buyer to withdraw from the purchase contract for the affected vehicle.

The condition of the vehicles is recorded immediately upon entering the compound in an inspection report, which is prepared by an inspector appointed by the seller according to the FINN damage catalog. Pre-determined parameters are used to calculate any repair costs.

Yes, acceptance is generally mandatory. Exceptions include vehicles that have suffered a total loss or a lease term overrun of more than 180 calendar days.

This depends on manufacturer agreements and framework agreements. Please contact us at for more information.


The vehicles (if a stock vehicle) are already on our compounds in Germany. Pre-Sales vehicles are currently still with the customer. The exact location of a stock vehicle can be found in the details of the respective vehicle under "Current Location."

Unless otherwise agreed, purchased vehicles must be picked up independently at the respective compound location. Alternatively, we offer delivery through FINN within Germany for a price of €250 net per vehicle. Usually, the vehicle will be delivered within 3 working days.

Contact Person

Your personal contact person is available through the partner portal. Additionally, you can reach our expert team anytime via email at

Certainly, you can schedule a short appointment with a FINN.Portal employee. Simply click on your personal contact on the left side of the portal and select the time that suits you best.